1900 mg. CBD Salve

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Hoots and Moots Sensi Stoves most popular product is our organic CBD sensi salve. Our sensi salve is a amazing blend of essentioal oil, bees wax, cbd, and coconut oil. When making our sensi salve we extract raw oils from lavender and sage to be insfued with cold pressed peppermint oil, cold press hemp oil, virgin coconut oil, and raw 99% pure cbd distillate and a raw bees wax as a base. We do not use any alcohol lye or preservatives to retain shelf life an provide you with this organic, fragrant salve that you can pleasantly use to treat many topical ailments like egzima, psoriasis, lupus, m.r.s.a, scares, minor cuts , bruises, stretch marks, migraine relief and many more.


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